Child Sex Dolls: Preventative or Indicative of Pedophilia?

WLRN’s second monthly podcast features Dr. Kathleen Richardson, a robotics ethicist with a background in anthropology. This program explores and discusses the social, legal and ethical implications of the mass production of child sex dolls, whose proliferation is of concern to women everywhere. Please share, comment and like widely. WLRN is committed to bringing grassroots coverage of feminist issues to women around the world.

See Dr. Richardson’s organization’s compelling statement regarding these dolls.

In addition, be sure to check out the radical feminist folk music featured in June’s podcast, written and performed by Ali Bee at Don’t just listen online for free, help build a movement by supporting radical feminist musicians!

Dr. Kathleen Richardson

Ali Bee


3 responses to “Child Sex Dolls: Preventative or Indicative of Pedophilia?

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