Trans Politics & Youth Culture

WLRN’s third edition monthly podcast explores trans politics and youth culture. We hear from youth who promote transitioning and youth who do not. Sarah is a college student who talks about her professor requiring her to either stop speaking critically of gender politics & ideology in her women’s studies class or to “take the class from home.”

13627000_10209821504112101_4461169031949895399_nSarah is a senior undergraduate student in sociology and women’s studies. She lives on the West Coast with her girlfriend and their cat, Rox. Sarah spent a lot of time during her first couple years in college advocating for the admission of men to her women’s college on the grounds that they identified as women. Since hitting “peak trans” during her junior year, she has worked extensively on developing a healthy skepticism for political ideologies and on creating real sisterhood with actual women. She hopes to pursue a career in law, particularly focusing on sex discrimination.

Social media resources:

Feminist Current

Actual Dykes
Gender is War

June 16th Tacoma “Women Speak Out” press conference

4th wave now
Ali Bee Music


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