Interview with Maya Dillard Smith

WLRN interviewed Maya Dillard Smith on August 2, 2016 via phone. They discussed Dillard’s recent forced resignation as the chief officer of the Georgia ACLU in addition to her project, Finding Middle Ground, a civil rights organization committed to finding solutions to all civil rights concerns.

Dillard-Smith is an advocate for the rights of all. She has recently been labeled “hateful” for drawing attention to the rights of girls and women. She holds a Master’s degree from Harvard and a law degree from UC Hastings.



2 responses to “Interview with Maya Dillard Smith

  1. Thank you for interviewing Maya Dillard Smith. She is coutageous , wise, and has an amazing background. Her treatment at the conference recently by transsexual activists is appalling. I wanted to hear what she she and other speakers had to say. Given transactivists want so much for their views and experiences to be heard, it is disgraceful that would intentionally try to silence the voices of others by interrupting, talking over them, yelling, hurling hateful names and accusations. These young or middle aged activists have been taught how NOT to behave democratically, and think it is their right to do so. That their ends can be used to justify their means. So I am extremely grateful that you interviewed Dillard Smith without interruption, with excellent questions, and allowed her voice to be heard. Respectfully. Thank you so much to you both for your courage and wisdom to do this interview. I have written to Dillard Smith and hope she takes me up on my offer to volunteer however I can to be of support to her organization.

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  2. Thanks for the interview. She is a fascinating women who has put her rep on the line to stand up for women and girls.

    Go Maya!!! Thank you for speaking out!!! You are awesome!!!

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