The Black Lives Matter Movement & Black Feminisms: 6th Edition Podcast

WLRN’s 6th edition podcast is focused on Black Lives Matter movement and Black Feminisms. We hear from Maya Dillard Smith, 3 black radical feminists based in the UK, Pippa Fleming and feature the classic song “Four Women”, by Nina Simone, a song that brilliantly illustrates the unique oppression black women face coming from the brutal history of the African slave trade.

You will find the extended interviews of these excerpts under our Interviews tab.

Please like, comment, and share widely. Women’s Liberation Radio News is dedicated to bringing suppressed women’s voices to the fore; since we are not represented in the mainstream media, we rely on your grassroots efforts to be heard.

Pippa Fleming

Maya Dillard Smith,  Finding Middle Ground







[The production of this edition resulted in a member exiting our team and not submitting her planned editorial commentary due to strong political disagreements the rest of our team had with her, and her not wanting to have an opposing radical view presented next to her own. Although WLRN reserves the right to exclude male-written views and conservative views from our broadcasts, no censoring or silencing took place. For more information, read our statement here.]


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