Conflict, Self-Love, and Sisterhood: WLRN’s Edition 10 Podcast

This month’s edition of Women’s Liberation Radio News is our tenth, focusing on “Conflict, Self-Love & Sisterhood” within the independent women’s movement. How can we work through the inevitable personal and political conflicts women’s organizations face? How can we strengthen our resolve through self-love in a patriarchal world that benefits from women being alienated from themselves and their sisters?

The world news is presented by Sarah after which the listener hears commentary by WLRN member, Thistle Pettersen.

Next up, Nile Pierce interviews Ruth Greenberg who hit the ground running in her activism by forming a successful radical feminist collective in the UK soon after becoming radicalized herself.

In addition, Cathy Brennan talks about the group, Bunch of Dykes and what they are up to since Trump was put into power.

There is also original music by Melissa Ferrick & Ani Difranco in this edition!

This edition’s featured image is “Women talking on the roof with Jill Johnston, Women’s Words Conference, Mar. 22-23, 1975.” Source: Otis College of Art and Design, Woman’s Building Slide Archive.

Thanks for tuning in to WLRN and be sure to check out our March Edition on the Women’s Marches next month!


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