WLRN’s edition 12 is out! Our first anniversary edition focuses on gender identity and anti-feminist actions that both harm individual feminists and our collective feminist movement. We explore how these actions may also be inadvertently creating more feminists and feminist movement because they are so egregiously sexist.

In this edition we hear from Tasha-Rose, a Radical Feminist who lives in St. Paul Minnesota who recently announced a run for school board. Within 24 hours of her announcement, she and her campaign were bombarded by slanderous, defaming and false statements aimed at her personally regarding her views of gender identity politics.

We also got the chance to speak with Renee Gerlich, a New Zealand based feminist who lost her job at an arts supplies store due to a similar smear campaign aimed at her character and reputation. Ms. Gerlich is now a member of a new direct action feminist group called Untameable Shrews. We hear about how Renee attempted to have a table with her handmade books at the Wellington Zine Fest last year. She was banned from the Fest and put a picnic blanket on the lawn with her publications in a one-woman protest of this censorship.

Untameable Shrews Youtube   Untameable Shrews FB  and the Untameable Shrews zine

Renee’s individual writing work can be found on her blog.

We close out this edition with powerful and salient WLRN commentary by totally excellent radical feminist, Sekhmet SheOwl.

Musical selections for this edition include Sinead O’Connor’s song “The Emperor’s New Clothes” and “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon. Enjoy and please comment, share and like widely to get feminist news into the ears of women everywhere!

Thanks, Your WLRN News Team.










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