Edition 13: The Ethics of Working with Conservatives & Liberals for Women’s Liberation

We are proud to present our 13th edition podcast focused on the ethics of coalition-building with both the right & the left as we work as radical feminists to hold and advance the rights of girls and women. In this edition, WLRN asks hard questions about the ethics and efficacy of WoLF’s decision to accept funds from the Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative organization that is against full abortion rights & homosexuality.

This hour-long broadcast features interviews with Kaeley Triller-Haver of the Hands Across the Aisle Coalition, Natasha Chart of the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) and commentary from Nile Pierce of the WLRN collective. In addition, Sekhmet SheOwl reads statements by Stop Trans Chauvinism & Max Robinson of Re-sisters, both groups that are strongly critical of feminists aligning with the right wing.

WLRN headlines are read by our sound tech and engineering goddess Jenna Di Quarto and feature a wide variety of stories including sound clips from a recent School Board meeting in Minnesota where two feminists, Tasha Rose and Emily Zinos, faced a room full of trans activists.

The songs featured for this edition were selected by Sekhmet SheOwl and are by Nina Simone & Alix Dobkin. Featured photo by Bettye Lane, 1972.

We received statements created by WoLF, Max Robinson of Re-sisters, Stop Trans Chauvinism & Ruth Greenberg, lesbian feminist from the United Kingdom and the RadFem Collective, on the topic of this broadcast. May the discussions continue!

WLRN is grassroots volunteer-powered feminist media. Please like, share and comment widely as we rely on our listeners to distribute our work. Thanks! And if you’d like to help us get station t-shirts, please consider a donation of $20 or more to our t-shirts campaign.

Ruth Greenberg’s statement is here: https://soundcloud.com/wlrn-media/ruth-greenberg-on-coalition-building


2 responses to “Edition 13: The Ethics of Working with Conservatives & Liberals for Women’s Liberation

  1. Supporting the same laws is ok but publishing in conservative publications and running campaigns together is unacceptable. That’s helping their movement. Let them campaign among their base and instead of helping them work on spreading the radical feminist movement.


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