WLRN’s Edition 14 Podcast on Lesbians

18765800_10213260176156753_8618261850244139767_nThis June 2017 podcast is packed with lesbian music by Alix Dobkin and Marca Cassity, commentary by Sekhmet SheOwl and interviews with prominent lesbian feminist women. We ask Julie Bindel & Jocelyn Macdonald for their coming out stories & Bev Jo talks about the benefits of lesbianism. This 14th edition explores what it means to choose lesbianism in our male-dominated culture and to live as free women. Sekhmet SheOwl provides WLRN commentary that is guaranteed to make you think and consider the idea that any woman can choose to be a lesbian.

Jocelyn Macdonald will be performing her radical lesbian feminist poetry at WoLF Festival over the weekend of July 21st-24th. Stay in touch with us at WLRN and keep on keepin’ on! wlrnewscontact@gmail.com. Please like, share and comment widely! Thanks, Womyn!


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