WLRN Edition 15: Women’s Spirituality

WLRN’s July 2017 podcast focuses on feminist and women’s spirituality vs. patriarchal religion. Featuring interviews with goddess priestess Tizzy Hyatt, feminist lesbian witch Terri Strange, and feminist theologian Carol Christ, we explore goddess religion, feminist witchcraft, the misogyny of patriarchal religion, and the benefits of women claiming their own woman-centered spiritual practices. We hear a poem on the theme, by WLRN’s Nile Pierce, and a scathing critique of patriarchal religion by Sekhmet She Owl in this edition’s commentary. Musical artists Jana Runnals and Sexwitch round out Edition 15 with their songs “Elemental Circle” and “War in Peace.”

For more information on Reformed Congregation of the Goddess, please visit rcgi.org.

To consult with Tizzy Hyatt or learn more about her new store and Iowa’s Goddess temple, visit her website, goddesswithin.us.

Terri Strange talks radical feminism, tarot, and witchcraft on her YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/iremythpurr/featured

Carol Christ blogs at feminismandreligion.com and her books are available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.



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