WLRN Interview with Charlie Rae & Sam Reitger about Changing Minds

On August 26th, WLRN’s Thistle Pettersen got to talk with Charlie Rae, journalist with The Fifth Column, a popular indie media news service online, and with Sam Reitger, also with The Fifth Column, and co-author of Changing Minds: A Guide to Confronting Gender Doctrine.

In the interview you will hear these two dynamic and articulate radical feminist women debunk the claim that the trans movement is a civil rights movement, talk about how they came to question what they call the gender doctrine, and analyze the ideology behind transgenderism that fuels sexism & homophobia but also could potentially fuel ableism and racism as well.

You won’t want to miss a second of their sharp-cutting analysis that aims to give you a glimpse of what they will cover in their book to come out in 2018.

Charlie Rae for Sisterhood Solidarity project

Charlie Rae posing for the Sisterhood Solidarity Project.

Charlie Rae is a New Englander who now lives in the South. She goes to school to study Communication and is a member of the National Academic Honor Society, Tau Sigma. Rae was featured on WHUS Radio and in the Uconn Free Press for her writing on activism and coverage of the events in Ferguson. Rae also has an Associates Degree in Visual Fine Arts, and has worked as the Art Director for local campaigns. She now writes for independent news source The Fifth Column, running a feminist faction called The Fem Column with her working partner Sam Reitger. The two of them work remotely on a collection of projects, but their main endeavor is this work-in-progress book discussed at length during the interview.

Sam Reitger is a California native and continuing student, presently seeking to complete her major in Sociology. She is a social critic and writer, working as a freelance journalist for The Fifth Column and assistant editor to Charlie Rae at The Fem Column. She founded and co-runs an online question and answer forum on Facebook called “Ask Radical Feminists”. She is also an aspiring videographer, and is working on a series of short videos that explore topics in radical feminist political theory. In addition, she works with Edgewater Press, where she plans to publish her upcoming video projects.

To contribute to their campaign to get this book published, click on this link: www.patreon.com/charlierae



3 responses to “WLRN Interview with Charlie Rae & Sam Reitger about Changing Minds

  1. I appreciated the thoroughness of this interview. This topic can be confusing and through this interview many issues were made crystal clear to me. Well done Ladies.

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