WLRN’s 2nd Music Hour with Phoenixx

Phoenixx has done it again! Enjoy this hour of women’s music that celebrates female embodiment.

Playlist for WLRN Music with Phoenixx October 2, 2017

Body Hair, Anne Seale, sample record with Hotwire, Jan 1993

A Touch of Menopausal Anarchy, Carolyn Hillyer, Weathered Edge

Sway of Her Hips, Teresa Trull, Playtime, 1997

Womanly Way, Linda(Tui) Tillery, album same name, 1977

Brown Like Me, Washington Sisters/June Millington writer, Understated, 1987

Big, Big, Woman, Regina Wells, Rashida Oji

Bledsung Live at Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Polly Wood, Music for Metaformic Theory, 2008

The Bloods, Debbie Lemke, Berkley Women’s Music Collective, 1977

Ode to a Gym Teacher, Meg Christian, I Know You Know, 1974

Tomboy Girl, Tret Fure and Cris Williamson, Radio Quiet, 1999

Untitled, Pat Parker, Every woman’s blues, Women’s Prison Concert Collective, 1976

Feral Children, Beth Orton, Comfort of Strangers, 2006

3000 Miles, Tracy Chapman, Where You Live, 2005

Be Careful, cover by Cris Williamson (written by Patti Griffin), Motherland, 2017

Old Woman, Linda Shear, A Lesbian Portrait, 1975

Phoenixx is a 50 year old, post-menopausal, able-bodied, middle-class white Dyke/Lesbian Separatist of Spirit. I love wimmin and our Radical Feminist music through Time, as it foregrounds the Gynocentric Background (Mary Daly’s articulation) and pushes back the onslaught of phallocentricity that pitifully tries to pass as everything. I offer these bi-monthly arrangements of Women’s Liberation Music as Female magic to continue to undo what has been done to all of us through time and space for millennia under male supremacy and to link us to the Gynocentric Goddess-honoring world that came before.

“The connections between & among women are the most feared, the most problematic and the most potentially transforming force on the planet.”  Adrienne Rich

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