WLRN Station & TERF Shirts!

The TERF shirts are here!

Consider a donation to WLRN for $20 or more to get your shirt in the size and color you want. We are taking pre-orders until December 10th, 2017. Follow the directions below to donate and let us know your size and color preferences.

TERF shirts
If you call any woman a TERF you are a misogynist phrase & design by Nedra Johnson

1479945758_329009_grandeTERF shirts PSA: https://soundcloud.com/wlrn-media/get-your-terf-shirt-today-wlrn-psa

Station Shirts

We are raising money to continue to get the word out about WLRN via a small stock of t-shirts for our members and for rewards for donating with the beautiful logo design you see pictured here by Selene Michaels.

We have smalls, mediums, larges, extra larges and XXLs. The sizing runs a bit bigger than usual because it is unisex.

Directions for ordering a shirt

If you’d like a shirt, when you click on the donate button to donate $20 or more, be sure to type in the size & color of the shirt you would like; S,M,L XL or XXL and an address for where to mail it when the “Add special instructions to the seller” option comes up.

Station shirts are light grey v-neck with the logo printed on the front. TERF shirts come in red, grey or black.

WLRN’s T-shirt Design Contest! October 5th – December 5th, 2017

Is there a feminist phrase or logo you’d like to see in the femisphere? A famous quote by Andrea Dworkin or a quip from current gender-critical thought? Create a design around your idea and submit it to WLRN and you could be the winner of our t-shirt design contest and get a t-shirt with your design for free! Enter your design by sending it to wlrnewscontact@gmail.com by December 5th, in time for us to announce the winner on our December 7th show. Our team will choose one design to make into a shirt and if we choose yours, you will get your design on a shirt for FREE!

Building the feminist movement one podcast at a time, thank you for supporting women’s independent media.

T-shirt design contest PSA: https://soundcloud.com/wlrn-media/wlrns-t-shirt-design-contest-enter-by-december-5th-2017


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