WLRN Music Hour #3 with Phoenixx — Resistance

This week on the Women’s Liberation Music Hour with Phoenixx, the theme is Resistance with a special focus on Anger.

In general, women are socialized to not feel anger, let alone act on it. Of course, it’s no coincidence that rebellion, resistance and revolution against male supremacy is fueled and sustained by anger. Feeling and acting on one’s anger is essential to Women’s Liberation. Reasons for being angry these days are too many to enumerate, but if I were to name a few… sexism, racism, anti-semitism, classism, lesbophobia, ableism, sizeism, poverty…Oh, don’t want to forget to mention what really is at the top of my uncensored list–pornography, johns, female sexual slavery, heteropatriarchal sexualization of women and girls, the pillaging and raping of the Earth and Her wimmin, and male violence of all varieties. May The Furies rise up and as Amy Carol Webb sings: “Mothers and Sisters of the Earth: shout your name, and claim your worth!”

Image is of the Red Brigade of India

1 Fuck You Now Manifesto Lenelle Moise
2 Aint no backin up now Isis
3 I’m Gon’ Stand Sweet Honey in the Rock
4 fury Berkeley Women’s Music Collective
5 SAy No! Washington Sisters
6 I Want You Gone Too Holly Near
7 Cold as it Gets Patti Griffin
8 Amazon Like Rock Stacy Ann Chin
9 Back in the Ring Chris Pureka
10 we’re hip Berkeley Women’sMusic Collective
11 papa Chicago Women’s Liberation Rock Band
12 Don’t Ever Stop Ubaka Hill
13 I Come From Women Amy Carol Web


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