WLRN Music Hour #4 with DJ Phoenixx


LESBIANISM as Resistance
As we drag ourselves across the one year marker of a particular misogynistic white male supremacist presidential rule, it seems prudent on this week’s Women’s Liberation Music Hour with Phoenixx to focus again on Resistance!

Last time, our music of Resistance carried the flavor of Anger; this time, the music flavor will celebrate Lesbianism. Separating ourselves from men, focusing on one another as Sisters/Lovers/Friends/Tribemates/etc and as Sonia Johnson once wrote, “taking our eyes off the guys,” are vital strategies of resisting male supremacy and heteronormativity.

Lesbian Culture is rich with music around this Gynocentric theme, so I’m thrilled to gather and arrange some of my favorites for you this week. Hope you find yourselves singing along, laughing, crying with recognition and feeling the pride of being born a Female-loving Lesbian!

Well story and song Linda Shear, A Lesbian Portrait

No thanks, Mister Nancy Henderson, Berkley Women’s Music Collective

Ain’t Gonna Marry Chicago Women’s Liberation Rock Band, Mountain Moving Day

Leaping Lesbians Sue Fink, Joelyn Grippo, Lesbian Concentrate

Gay and Proud Debbie Lempke Lesbian Concentrate

Sisters in Struggle Lesbians on Ecstacy, We know you know

So Fine New Haven Women’s Liberation Rock Band, Mountain Moving Day

Family of Woman Linda Shear, A Lesbian Portrait

A History of Lesbianism Judy Grahn Lesbian Concentrate

San francisco Bank Song Susann Shanbaum, Berkley Women’s Music Collective

For STraight Folks Pat Parker, Lesbian Concentrate

Lesbian Code Alix Dobkin, Love and Politics

Take My Love with You Bonnie Raitt, Slipstream


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