WLRN Music Show #5 with DJ Phoenixx — Lucie Blue Tremblay

As promised, this week I devote an hour of Women’s Liberation Music to Lucie Blue Tremblay. Her music exudes such love,tenderness and ease all of which we as warriors/Amazons for Femaleness/Justice need every once in a while, hmm? I hope you will find time in your day to settle in for the next hour to allow Lucie Blue to sing to you, Sister. Remember you are deeply loved and held by something larger and deeper than the mess we face everyday under male supremacy. Blessed be, Sister. Enjoy!

Saint-jean-port-joli 1986 Lucie Blue Tremblay
Mademoiselle 1986 Lucie Blue Tremblay
Politique 1989 Tendresse
The Water is Wide 1989 Tendresse
Absence 1989 Tendresse
Homeless 1992 Transformations
La Tete De L. Lndien 2017 Counting My Blessings
Driving Home 2017 Counting My Blessings
Two Lives 1989 Tendresse
A Place in The Woods 1992 Transformations
Getting Old 1992 Getting Old
Stand up and Rise 2017 Counting My Blesseings

NOTE: Her album When I was a Puppy features many of her old songs from your probably worn out albums! Buy her music–let’s support this womyn! www.luciebluetremblay.com Also she does incredible house concerts!!


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