WLRN Music Hour #6 Spirit with DJ Phoenixx!

This week, I call on music that invokes Spirit in me, and hopefully in you. For me, there can be no Revolution without some ground in one’s soul or connection to a notion of Mystery/Spirit/Divinity. That looks different, of course, to all of us, but for the purposes of THIS fight for Women’s Liberation, that Mystery, that Divine, that Spirit is Female. SheWho, as Judy Grahn named.
Hope you enjoy my selections! Please let me know of songs that inspire Spirit in you; I’m always collecting new music to share: Feministwomyn11@gmail.com. I also welcome your suggestions, feedback and general encouragement to keep my own fires burning.
Blessed be! Phoenixx

Play list:

Spiritsong(background to intro) Shawna Carol

She Who Judy Grahn

Wash Your Spirit Clean Walela

Earth Prayer Alice Gomez

The Divine Mothers: Auset&Yemaya Ancestral Rhythms

The Ancient Ones Kelliana

Ancient Mother Keruna

Spirits Barrel House Mamas

The Road I took to You Meg Christian

My, my Ferron

Light of my Light Ferron

Song of the Soul Cris Williamson and women of Olivia

Hold it up Linda Tui Tillery, Jeanette Lazam, Barbara
B.G. Glass, Pat Parker, Anita Taylor and female inmates of San Bruno Women’s Jail, 1975, Any Woman’s Blues

She Whose Head is on Fire Judy Grahn

Oh My Spirit Nalini

Sweet Wonder Carolyn Hillyer


One response to “WLRN Music Hour #6 Spirit with DJ Phoenixx!

  1. Listening to your ‘Spirit’ focus again today… it’s perfect to settle in, to move and dance …. Thank You, Phoenixx!


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