WLRN Music Hour #7 — Quieting with DJ Phoenixx

This week I’m foregrounding music that quiets. Even though we all have both individual and collective fights against male supremacy, we need time to rest, replenish the reserves. And I know how often it feels like there’s not time for that. When we are working 40+ hrs a week, have families and loved ones who need our attention our energy; when the Liberation front needs our fuel…after all, male supremacy and injustice does not sleep! How can we dare to rest? We dare to rest to keep our sanity! So, this hour is to inspire the necessary quiet for our bodies and our psyches.  I hope you are fed.  As always I welcome your feedback and suggested music: feministwomyn11@gmail.com.

Thanks for your encouragement; it keeps my fires going! Blessed be, Phoenixx

Winter  Susie Suh
Icicles  Patti Griffin
Draw us Down    Carolyn Hillyer
Night Woman     Carolyn Hillyer
Inanna        Suzanne Sterling
On the Other Side   Gabrielle Roth & The Mirors
The Cave Beyond the Cave    Carolyn Hillyer
Hawaiian Healing      Nhanda Devi
Come Tenderness     Lisa Gerrard
Returning    Jennifer  Berezan
May I Suggest     Red Molly
Harmless Love     Ferron

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