WLRN Music Hour #8 — Deep Winter with DJ Phoenixx

This week for Deep Winter’s Women’s Liberation music hour, I feature songs from female musicians of various parts of the world. All but the first one are either purely instrumental or have lyrics that are not in English. I hope my selections will help to shift your consciousness away from the ordinary, bringing the deep calm of yourself as Female and all the expansiveness and connectivity to Her and Her beneficent Life.

Photo Credit: Hamid Sardar-Afkhami
Girl-child is of theTsaatan (Dukha) Reindeer Nomads from the Mongolian North

Play List:

In background: Siber-Shaman Sainkho Namtchylak Naked Spirit
Into the Dark Melissa Etheridge Breakdown
Moon Chant Aco Takenaka Moon Chant
Embers Helen Jane Long Embers
Collage of Koleda Carols (Bulgarian) Kitka Women’s Vocal Ensemble Evening Star
Shaman Weavers’ Dance Carolyn Hillyer The Wyched Wombe
Trollobundin (Live) Eivor Palsdottir Rain
Foryar, Min Modar Eivor Palsdottir
Vision Hildegard of Bingen
Rosna Livada Labooratorium Piesni Rosna
It Ain’t Necessarily Evil Mari Boine
You Never Know Mari Boine Eight Seasons


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