WLRN’s music hour #9 For Jackie & Jan with DJ Phoenixx

This week, in honor of two old strong female activists of social and racial justice, I dedicate this hour of music and spoken word to Jackie Anderson of Chicago and “Jan” of South Jersey. Please read of Jackie Anderson’s life of service to Lesbians and other oppressed peoples. 

Miss Celie’s Blues Suede Barely Blue
Wild Things Cris Williamson The Changer and the Changed
Fannie Lou Hamer Sweet Honey
I’m Every woman/Respect Aretha Franklin Great Diva Classics
No Man’s Mama Carolina Chocolate Drops Leaving Eden
The Magdalene Laundries Cris Williamson Motherland
By Way of Sorrow Bearfoot Cry, Cry, Cry
Oughta Be a Woman Sweet Honey Breaths
Still Gotta Get up in the Morning Sweet Honey Still the Same Me
Four Women Nina Simone The Best of
For Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash Joy Harjo Weaving the Strands
Yesterday’s Lessons Sharon Isabel Any Woman’s Blues
Woman Slaughter Pat Parker Any Woman’s Blues
Stop Killing Us Lenelle Moise Madivinez
How Long? Sweet Honey Breaths
Emily Remembers Suede On the Day We Met
Mirror Helen Jane Long


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