WLRN Interview with Venice Allan

WLRN’s Thistle Pettersen was able to connect with Venice Allan on January 22nd to talk about her recent suspension from the UK Labor Party.

Ms. Allan is accused of bullying and harassment of Labour Party officials and trans-identifying males. These people include Heather Peto, TIM (Trans Identifying Male) running for MP and already on the Labour Party’s All-Women-Shortlist, Lily Madigan, Women’s Officer, Jon Lansman, recently elected to the National Executive Committee, Paris Lees, a trans-identifying male activist, Eddie Izzard famous cross dressing British comic and CLITORIS, an unknown ‘cis’ councillor bloke from Anne Ruzylo’s constituency.

Ms. Allan was also targeted in an open letter from some Irish feminists that you can see in the link below. They do not want her and other feminists to come to Ireland on the We Need To Talk Tour that is slated to have an event on February 14th in Dublin.

Ms. Allan and other feminists are promoting a gofundme campaign to raise money to take the British Labour Party to court for not following their own rules about people running for women’s positions within the party. Ms. Allan and others argue that men running for women’s positions in the party should have a gender recognition certificate in order to run. Those accusing her of bullying are saying they do not need the certificate to run for women’s positions, but rather that the “unwritten policy” of the party is to allow men to self-identify as women and run.

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