WLRN Edition 23: Analysis of Rape Culture & #METOO Movement

Listen to the podcast here.

WLRN’s edition 23 on the #METOO movement and rape culture begins with world headlines presented by Sekhmet She Owl followed by “Hands Clean” by Alanis Morissette,  a song about a 14 year old girl who was raped by a music exec . Next, you’ll hear an interview clip with Jyssica Schwartz talking about her new book coming out on March 14th called You Are Not Alone, inspired by the #METOO movement. The book is a collection of 56 stories written by women (and some men) about their experiences of sexual abuse and healing. Next, you’ll hear interviews with Shelly Ruzicka & Rocio Caravantes of the organization Arise Chicago Workers’ Rights Center followed by the song “Ni Una Menos” by Angela Leiva in Spanish. Rocio talks about her experiences as an immigrant worker and cases of abuse she experienced at work. Here is a video they made called Out of the Shadows that sheds light on the discussion of sexual harassment at the workplace.

Finally, WLRN’s Julia Beck rounds off the hour with her passionate & amazing commentary analyzing rape culture and making an appeal to to end it.

Please listen, like and share widely to get the good word of radical feminism into the ears of women everywhere. Gracias!

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