WLRN Music Hour #13 with DJ Phoenixx

This week I invite you closer into my personal life to walk through a remembering/honoring of the violent murder of my dog companion, Phoenix, eight years ago to the day. Gun violence is perpetual under male supremacy and this experience brought it to my hearth as it has come to so many women around the world, maybe even yours. I hope that this personal sharing touches and strengthens you and the entire Liberation Movement on the planet. If you want to read more of my personal walk through this experience, I invite you to gently read it at: phxlabyrinth.blogspot.com. Thank you for your kind ears.

Play List:

Wild Wolf (in background) Solitudes
Manaus Tellu
As Cold as it Gets Patti Griffin
Stop Killing Us Lenelle Moise
If it were up to me Cheryl Wheeler
The Women Gather Sweet Honey in the Rock
Howl at the Moon Cheryl Wheeler
House of Bones Cris Williamson
Song For Mia Liz Wright
The Water is Wide Lucie Blue Tremblay
Little Room Cris Williamson
Heavenly Day Patti Griffin
The Crazies Cris Williamson

If you have requests and/or sharing of music for future music shows, please be in touch with me via this website: www.feministwimmin11@gmail.com


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