Interviews with Julie Bindel & Meghan Murphy on WORT’s Access Hour

After two years, Thistle Pettersen went back into the studios of WORT 89.9 FM, the community radio station in Madison, to interview Meghan Murphy LIVE on the Access Hour and to play a pre-recorded interview she did with Julie Bindel. Thanks to WORT’s Access Hour for allowing these interviews to be broadcast from the station.

In these two interviews with Murphy & Bindel, learn more about Ms. Bindel’s book, the Pimping of Prostitution and why taking a stand for abolishing prostitution and sex trafficking is the most feminist stance one can take. In addition, hear what Meghan Murphy of Feminist Current has to say about current gender identity legislation and why she testified before the Canadian Senate against it.

Ms. Pettersen was banned from the station’s premises in January 2016 due to transactivist complaints about her previous LIVE interview with Sheila Jeffreys in 2014 and the broadcasting of Ms. Pettersen’s radio documentary of the Last Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival in 2015. The ban was lifted in February 2016, but she did not feel comfortable going back to the station until 2018. Even now, there are staff and volunteers at the station who believe that what you will hear in this program, and in any of the programs that Ms. Pettersen produces is “hate speech.” Thankfully, the mission of the Access Hour slot in particular, allows for differing points of view on women’s liberation politics to be aired on Madison’s community radio station, WORT 89.9 FM

To learn more about Ms. Pettersen’s ban from the station visit and click on “Censored by Transpolitics: A Master Post” and scroll down to Tiers 3 & 4.

To hear Ms. Pettersen’s radio documentary of the Last Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival go here:


2 responses to “Interviews with Julie Bindel & Meghan Murphy on WORT’s Access Hour

  1. This was a great interview about a major attack on women’s rights. Bravo for your commitment to free speech and women’s rights and please disregard the lobby trying to hound these feminists – and many more, alas – off the air with an artificial pile-on.

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  2. Fabulous interview with two great feminist activists, Julie Bindel, and Meghan Murphy, that clearly outlined the dangers of gender identity, and the horrors of the sex trade. WLRN is a much needed platform for radical feminist thought, as is Feminist Current, Meghan Murphy’s online publication. There are so few spaces for the radical feminist perspective, which is very sad, as radical feminism is the only solution that can offer a real solution to end women’s oppression.


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