WLRN Music Hour #14: Trio Reunion

This week’s music hour features music by Barbara Higbie, Teresa Trull and Cris Williamson in honor of their Reunion Tour.  They’ve been gracing various venues along the east coast these last several weeks. I saw them this past weekend! It was great fun to witness powerful women sharing power so reminiscent of how things were done at MichFest and other womyn’s music festivals. They really set the bar for that particular Feminist value! I’m so grateful for continued modeling of that Gyn/affection wherever possible, so I offer a musical version of it here in the next hour. Hope you enjoy!

Listen HERE

In background to intro:
Playtime     Teresa Trull & Barbara Higbie    Playtime
Tip the Canoe     Barbara Higbie     Hills to Hollers
Flow          Teresa Trull       Flow
Hieroglyphics   Cris Williamson     The Essential Cris Williamson
Sway of Her Hips      Teresa Trull & Barbara Higbie  Playtime
Signs of Life       Barbara Higbie     Alive in Berkeley
Songbird        Cris Williamson         The Essential Cris
Wings      Teresa Trull & Barbara Higbie        Playtime
Woman Loving Women        Teresa Trull    Lesbian Concentrate
Azulao        Cris Williamson        The Essential Cris
Why Wait         Teresa and Barbara          Playtime
San Francisco Bay Blues  Barbara Higbie, Linda Tillery, Laurie Lewis
Shine      Cris Williamson           Pray Tell
Getting Some Fun Out of Life       Teresa and Barbara  Playtime
True Story     Barbara Higbie      Variations on a Happy Ending
Lullabye     Cris Williamson   The Essential Cris

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