WLRN Edition 24: Women Makers and Sustainers

Listen to the podcast here.

Our 2nd year anniversary podcast is here! WLRN has worked collectively for TWO YEARS to bring YOU woman-centered news and music every single month. This month we focus on women creators and supporters of the feminist movement. We interviewed Maria Klemperer-Johnson, the founder of Hammerstone Carpentry School, as well as Selma Miriam and Noel Furie, two of the founding members of Bloodroot Vegetarian Restaurant. We also spoke with Judith Arcana, one of the Janes from Chicago’s underground abortion service. Musical selections include “I Come From Women” by Amy Carol Webb and “We Are The Ones” by Sweet Honey In The Rock. Finally, twin commentaries by Sekhmet SheOwl and Jenna DiQuarto round out this month’s program on feminist foundations. Check it out!




Our podcasts certainly are “handcrafted” with tender loving care! Thanks so much for all of the time spent on this labor of love!



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