WLRN Music Hour #15: Emotional Creatures with DJ Phoenixx

Recently, I’ve been inspired by hearing 17 year old Emma Gonzalez speak against gun violence. Her confident, passionate and intelligent speeches are so moving to me.  I’ve also been remembering the fires of myself at that age which were made impotent by hetero reality. This week I invite you to join me and the music for a journey of female friendship and reclamation of the fires of those adolescent years of being ‘Emotional Creatures” (term borrowed from a young woman interviewed by Eve Ensler).
Here are some links to Emma:

in background: Ane Brun  Headphone Silence
3000 Miles   Tracy Chapman
Sisters of Avalon   Cyndi Lauper
Tuuli  Hedningarna
Drunk    Inna Zhelannaya
Sistory  Ubaka Hill
Body Hair   Anne Seale
F**kin Perfect   Pink
I’ll Stand by You    The Pretenders
Awaken to your Power   Sheila Chandra

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