WLRN Music Hour #16: Pat & Judy with DJ Phoenixx

This week’s music hour features the poetry of Pat Parker and Judy Grahn on their 1976 Olivia record, Where Would I Be Without You.

Hope you enjoy hearing this treasure of Lesbian Feminist spoken word for the first time or the ten thousandth!

“Side one” with Judy Grahn:
A History of Lesbianism
if you lose your lover
in the place where
The Marilyn Monroe Poem
The Common Woman
II. Ella
III. Nadine
IV. Carol
V. Detroit Annie
VII. Vera
She Who
parting on the left
the woman in 3 pieces one
She Who Increases
the many minnows
A Geology Lesson
the enemies of She Who
She Who Continues
the most blonde woman
the woman in 3 pieces three
foam on the rim
i am the wall
the woman whose head is on fire
Plainsong: from an older woman
to and younger woman


“Side two” with Pat Parker:
From cavities of bones
When I was a child
Fuller Brush Day
You can’t be sure of anything these days
Tour America!
In English Lit
Have you ever tried to hide?
Don’t let the fascists speak
Pit Stop
my lover is a woman
Poem to Ann #2
Let me come to you naked
For Willyce
A Small Contradiction
For Straight Folks Who Don’t Mind Gays But Wish They Weren’t So Blatant

Bonnie Morris links I refer to in the introduction:



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