WLRN Edition 26: Butch Lesbians

Happy Pride Month to all the wonderful Lesbians out there! Sister my Sister, you are seen. You are loved!

WLRN’s June podcast is dedicated to you women who defy the mold. Join us as we focus on Butch Womyn! This month we had the pleasure of speaking with Pippa Fleming, Paula Jellis, and several women who attended the Cinema Systers festival in Paducah, Kentucky. We begin with world headlines by Maya and end with commentary by Sekhmet. Musical selections include “You Can Sleep While I Drive” by KD Lang & Melissa Etheridge, and “Michfest Blues” by Nedra Johnson.

Thank you to all our interviewees for sharing your time and voices with us. And thank you to all our listeners out there! We couldn’t do what we do without this wonderful community of radical womyn, so thank you all for your fearless guidance and loving support!


One response to “WLRN Edition 26: Butch Lesbians

  1. Just a request: Could you mix the audio a bit louder? I have a hard time hearing the interviews on my phone, even with the volume maxed out, if there’s any ambient noise. I want to hear every word!


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