“Fury & Cradle Lullabys”: WLRN’s Music Hour #19 with DJ Phoenixx

From Phoenixx: “This month of July, I bring to you fury and lullabies, sisters. Fury. Need I say anything of the what and why?! I have been feeling full of my fury these last few weeks, sisters, and I need a break. A break… and some focus on doing some energetic/magic activism to help the children who have been separated from their parents at the border and subsequently put into emotional isolation. May this hour’s worth of music be soothing to your soul and theirs. I honor Dolores Huerta, 88 year old Amazon sister in arms still on the front lines at the border, rallying, organizing protests,  and calling for fasting Blessed be!”

Song List:
33 Mala Rodriquez
Cradle Song Kitka
A la Nanita Nana Julie Ellis
Este era un Conejo Silvia Schujer
Cancion de Cuna Maruca
Cucurrucucu Paloma Amanda Martinez
Cielito Lindo Marta Gomez
A La Rorro Nino (Guatemalan Lullaby) Bree Bacon
Sana, sana/There, There Cantare
Esta nina linda Cantare
Mexican Lullaby Northwest Girlchoir
Mexican Waltz Mary Stahl
Meciendo Maria Del Ray
River Lullaby Jennifer Berezan
Rebellion at the House of Rivers Caroyn Hillyer
A River of Birds Libana
I Am Willing Holly Near

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