WLRN’s Edition 27: Exploding Notions of War

WLRN is back on the scene with our feminist anti-war news program in response to all of the war machine worship we have seen this 4th of July season. The show starts with the song Wargasm by L7 and then moves into world news headlines by Maya followed by Buffy St. Marie with her song The War Racket. The first interview segment is with Cynthia Enloe, professor of Political Science, International Development and Women & Gender Studies at Clark University. Next, hear Joni Mitchell’s 1969 live version of her classic anti-war anthem and celebration of 60’s music culture, Woodstock, before our second interview Thistle did with Cindy Sheehan, long-time anti-war activist who is currently working to organize the Women’s March on the Pentagon set for October 20th – 21st in Washington DC.  Finally, to round out our program on women and war, Sekhmet Sheowl offers her profound commentary that brings us that much closer to an understanding of how things are arranged so that we can dismantle them. Thank you for staying tuned to feminist community powered radio! Please listen, like, share and comment widely so we can get this important news program into the ears of women worldwide. Also, if you’d like to donate to this work we are doing, click on the donate button on our wordpress site and THANK YOU for supporting feminist community radio! https://wlrnmedia.wordpress.com/

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