WLRN Music Hour #23: Male Violence Against Women

I Believe Her (acoustic and electric guitar) Emma’s Revolution
Cleanin’ Out My Closet (Explicit rap) Trigger Warning! Angel Haze *You can read about this brave sister’s story: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angel_Haze
Casualty in My Own House (acoustic folk) Holly Near
Abatina (reggae) Calypso Rose
Me and A Gun (acoustic) Tori Amos
Caleb Meyer (folk) Gillian Welsh
Love is Blind **I chose the ‘clean version’ because I’m not comfortable (as a white woman) using a song that uses the ‘n word’ (Rap and Hip Hop) Eve
Quarterback (country) Kira Isabella
Liar (punk/heavy metal?) Bikini Kill
Touch Me Again (Explicit punk/alternative rock) Petrol Girls
The Body Electric (Alternative Rock) Hurray for the Riff Raff

Closing song: We Will Carry Them Forever in Our Scars(shamanic) Carolyn Hillyer

This week’s music hour is intense, sisters. The theme in and of itself names an intense reality: male violence. The language/truth telling is brutal because it reflects the true brutality of male violence against women. Each of these female musicians bravely names the male agent of this violence and many of them describe it thru the telling of their stories via lyrics and sound. These stories stretch across the genres: acoustic, rap, punk, heavy metal, reggae, country, shamanic. Take care of yourselves, sisters. And, I hope you can find a way to listen, take the journey these women take us on. The words of Andrea Dworkin will accompany us too thru the rough rapids.



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