Edition 36: The Left, the Right and Feminist Strategy

Listen here.

We are celebrating 3 years of WLRN, Women’s Liberation Radio News! Presenting Edition 36 on the left, the right, and feminist strategy.

The world news is written and delivered by our youngest member, Damayanti from India, and the commentary is by Sekhmet SheOwl, desert dweller and resident female separatist.

In this anniversary edition you will hear a discussion between WoLF board member Kara Dansky, and FIST member, Ann Menasche, facilitated by WLRN member Danielle Whitaker.  Both of these women are lawyers who work to protect the legal rights of girls and women. Cover design by Natasha Petrov. Music is by Band of Skulls with their song Honest, Tracy Chapman with Woman’s Work, and Thistle Pettersen with her songs Real Voice and Michigan, aka Gender Hurts.

Thanks for staying tuned to WLRN. Please like, share and comment widely as the only way we get our handcrafted programs out there is by relying on listeners like you to help us grow as a grassroots radical feminist media organization.


Edition transcript available here.


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