WLRN Music Hour with DJ Phoenixx: Edition 31 – For the Earth

Listen here.

It’s Earth Day 2019 and this month’s music hour will be given to songs about the Earth in her peril, her beauty and her resilience. I’ll be weaving in quotes by Rachael Carson whose consciousness changing book Silent Spring has affected a generation of environmental practices and attitudes.
Song List:
Cold Frost Morning   Barbara Higbie
The Whole World is Burning  Jennifer Berezan
Muddy Road  Walela
Battered Earth   Sweet Honey in the Rock
Beautiful Dawn    The Wailin’ Jennys
Mississippi Song    Rising Appalachia
Cherokee River   Walela
Gula Gula      Mari Boine
Aye Kerunene    Keruna
Tuulet (The Winds)   Tellu
Tundra Flower    Mari Boine
Earth My Body    Alice Di Micele, Elouise Burrell, Freyda Epstein, Tina Malia,  Windsong
In These Arms: A Song for All Beings      Jennifer Berezan

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