WLRN Edition 47: #SayHerName


In this month’s edition, we focus on the #SayHerName movement and the legacy of state violence against black women.

We begin as always with our world news segment written and read by Dana, followed by Nina Simone’s Mississippi Goddamn. Next is an interview segment with award-winning poet Dominique Christina, wherein she talks to Thistle about her experience and perspective as a black woman in America, the intention of #SayHerName, and why the movement exists. Check out the full interview on our soundcloud or wordpress sites.

From there Thistle announces this summer’s upcoming Dragyn Ride from Hart to Wayland, MI, at the end of July. Listen for information on how to join up!

And finally, Sekhmet SheOwl’s commentary talks about the unique oppression black women and girls face at the hands of white male authority, and where white women fall short in helping black women achieve equality.

As always, thank you for staying tuned to WLRN!



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