WLRN Interview with Filmmaker Vaishnavi Sundar

Listen to the interview HERE.

Vaishnavi Sundar is an independent filmmaker, feminist, writer, and women’s rights activist from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Vaishnavi is known for her work in the field of cinema and activism involving an interplay of feminism and filmmaking. She has written, directed, and produced all her films under her own production company, Lime Soda Films. She is also the founder of Women Making Films, a community known for its effort to break the glass ceiling within the fraternity of domestic and world cinema.

Thistle caught up with Ms. Sundar via skype on March 11th to talk with her about her recent de-platforming by trans activists crying “transphobia.”

Ms. Sundar worked for three years to produce a film unrelated to transgenderism only to have her debut screening in New York City canceled, not due to the virus outbreak, but due to accusations against her character.

In addition to learning about Ms. Sundar’s amazing film career, you will also get to know a bit about where she grew up and her thoughts and opinions of what feminism means to her as a woman from India embedded in the Indian caste system.

This lively interview will brighten your day in these dark times by introducing you to another woman warrior who will never give up on her own professional aspirations nor on her love for girls and women.

There has never been a better time to be a feminist activist and STAY HOME to support a sister whose professional career as a filmmaker was damaged by trans activist bullying.

Listen to this exclusive WLRN interview with the filmmaker and then donate to the cause by enjoying the film in your home.

To watch her latest film, follow this link: gum.co/bwwsw and read the blog about how your support will help.

Thanks for staying tuned to WLRN, our community powered feminist radio station online. We are THERE for you, sisters! Drop us a line at wlrnewscontact@gmail.com to let us know what’s going on in your world.

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