Edition 55: A Feminist Analysis of Christianity

First up, hear WLRN’s World News segment written and delivered by Emiliann Lorenzen, who follows her report later on in the program with an original poem called “The Great Fall”, about Lilith and Eve who leave the Garden of Eden just because they want to.

Enjoy an original reflective sound collage by WLRN listener Chris Wind, who wrote to us offering up her 1987 recording of “I am Eve”, the inspiration for our podcast topic this month.

After hearing Chris Wind’s sound collage poem from 1987, stay tuned for Dani Whitaker’s reflections and commentary on the poem before being interviewed by Thistle about her Christian upbringing and journey to a feminist analysis of it.

Thistle and Dani broach the topic of transgenderism and how it parallels some of the teachings of the Christian faith during their interview.

Finally, stay tuned for Sekhmet SheOwl’s commentary on the topic of why women are drawn to Christianity and how it impacts our feminist movement.

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Thanks for staying tuned to WLRN!

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