WLRN Staff and Core Leadership Team

twitterpicThistle Pettersen
Arts and Culture Editor, Volunteer Coordinator, News Staff and Anchor
Thistle Pettersen is an eco-feminist and environmental activist in her home state of Wisconsin. She is the founding member of WLRN which she hopes will get the good word of radical feminism and feminist analysis out there to women who need to hear it. Her focus is on arts and culture and the role they play in building liberation and justice movements. You can learn more about Thistle and hear her original music at http://www.thistlespace.org.


Sekhmet She Owl
News Editor, Staff and Anchor
Sekhmet She Owl is a writer living in the Southwestern United States. She is a female separatist, radical feminist, and Far Leftist who is constantly learning more about politics and growing in her feminist consciousness. Her primary areas of feminist interest are female friendship, female-only spaces, developing strategies for mitigating male violence against women and girls, and theories of matriarchal civilization. She is most grateful to African and lesbian radical feminists, for their incalculable contributions to feminist thought and progress and the example they set in being revolutionary women.


Nile Pierce
News Editor, Anchor, International Correspondent
Nile is a writer currently living in the United Kingdom. She is a radical feminist and is dedicated to the total liberation of women. Her interests are governance, feminist jurisprudence, crimes of the powerful, and single motherhood as a feminist issue. You can find some of her writing at Magna Dea: A Feminist Celebration of Single Motherhood.