Statement Of Mission And Policies For WLRN, Women’s Liberation Radio News

WLRN seeks to provide the unique and under-represented voices of girls and women with a national and international grassroots venue to break the sound barrier women are blocked by under the status quo rule of men. We are a non-commercial, member-operated news and cultural information team strictly guided by the principles of radical feminism. We promote access to media production equipment and tools so that silenced women can “be the media.”

Our staff maintains a policy of women-only membership to our organization and will only air the voices of boys and men in rare situations when we cannot find a girl or woman to articulate a point, story or argument.

We are YOUR community radio station in the Femisphere. Email us at wlrnewscontact@gmail.com with news tips and story ideas.

twitterpicThistle Pettersen
Founder, Volunteer Coordinator & Reporter, Leadership Circle

Thistle Pettersen is an eco-feminist and singer/songwriter in her home state of Wisconsin. She is the founding member of WLRN which she hopes will get the good word of radical feminism and feminist analysis out there to women who need to hear it. Her focus is on arts and culture and the role they play in building liberation and justice movements. You can learn more about Thistle and hear her original music at ThistlePettersen.com


Sekhmet She Owl
Commentary & Interviews

Sekhmet She Owl is a writer living in the Southwestern United States. She is a female separatist, radical feminist, and Far Leftist who is constantly learning more about politics and growing in her feminist consciousness. Her primary areas of feminist interest are female friendship, female-only spaces, developing strategies for mitigating male violence against women and girls, and theories of matriarchal civilization. She is most grateful to African and lesbian radical feminists, for their incalculable contributions to feminist thought and progress and the example they set in being revolutionary women.

on a hike_cropped

Jenna DiQuarto,

Sound Engineer & Producer, Leadership Circle

Jenna was born in Manhattan and raised in northern NJ.  After a calamitous childhood involving dozens of stitches, she taught herself to play guitar, wrote some songs, finished high school, and got her AS and BA in sound engineering and design. She currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area, waiting tables, slingin’ hooch, and producing WLRN’s various podcasts. Thelma & Louise is her favorite movie. “Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.”

julia beckJulia Beck

Julia Beck is a lesbian radical feminist from Baltimore, Maryland. In college, she studied English and played the trombone. Some of her hobbies are writing stories and hiking mountains. She advocates for women-only spaces and enjoys compassionate dialogue. Julia is proud to serve her community as an active reporter for WLRN

PhoenixxBIG 50th Bday present from PHX
DJ for WLRN Music Hour

Phoenixx is a 50 year old, post-menopausal, able-bodied, middle-class white Dyke/Lesbian Separatist of Spirit. I love wimmin and our Radical Feminist music through Time, as it foregrounds the Gynocentric Background (Mary Daly’s articulation) and pushes back the onslaught of phallocentricity that pitifully tries to pass as everything. I offer these bi-monthly arrangements of Women’s Liberation Music as Female magic to continue to undo what has been done to all of us through time and space for millennia under male supremacy and to link us to the Gynocentric Goddess-honoring world that came before.

Dana Vitalosova
world news segment
Dana lives in the eastern European country of Slovakia. She is a 34 years old female separatist and writer publishing her own radical feminist newsletter called Black Cat. Besides newsletter-publishing, she enjoys good coffee, long hikes with her black dog and reading books. Her favorite feminist topics are radical theories of women’s sexuality, psychology as anti-feminist backlash and female separatism. She tries to abide by Adrienne Rich’s quote: “You must read and write as if your life depended on it!”
Dani Whitaker
WLRN blog writer
Dani is radical feminist / environmentalist / vegan who lives to travel. A lover of women and a passionate advocate for lesbian rights, she works as a writer and is grateful for the opportunity to share those skills with the amazing team at WLRN. Dani lives in the southeastern U.S. with her two partners and is especially fond of burritos.




April Neault, Leadership Circle & Fills in where needed


April was born and raised in the deep woods of Northern Ontario. Her educational background is in environmental science and has spent many years working as a front-line crisis worker at a women’s shelter. She loves growing and eating food and spends most of her time talking to dogs and trees. When she isn’t taking herself too seriously, she reads fantasy and watches Golden Girls. “Men’s free speech requires women’s silence”