Volunteer for WLRN


Francesca Borri, Independent Journalist covering Syria

As the political climate shifts towards more expression and tolerance of white supremacy & misogyny, grassroots independent journalism becomes increasingly important to speak truth to power. WLRN is a small collective of women media activists interested in countering the mainstream media on many levels. Come join us in making women’s voices heard! There are many ways to be involved. We need help with:

  • interviewing
  • editing
  • transcript writing
  • reading and recording the headlines and news
  • script-writing
  • story-writing
  • web site design, tech support & office work
  • developing an interactive “talk show” venue where listeners can call-in to share in the discussion
  • fund raising & business plan development
  • developing our youtube channel

Please send a letter stating your interest, along with your resume to wlrnewscontact@gmail.com and we will get back to you shortly. Solidarity!