T-Shirt Contest

WLRN’s T-shirt Design Contest! October 5th – December 5th, 2017

The winner of our contest is Ms. Kacie Mills, a lesbian feminist graphic designer living in Baltimore. 

“WOMYN ARE WHY I GET UP IN THE MORNING” – Submitted by Ms. Kacie Mills
Words in the color of a mild french roast zig-zag around a steaming cup of coffee. Action lines spring from the center of the shirt, drawing the viewer’s eyes into the cup where bubbles form a nearly horizontal female symbol, as if gently waking from a slumber. With this arrangement of words and symbols, the artist compares coffee’s caffeinated stimulation to the likewise stimulating relationships she shares and builds with womyn.

Pre-orders of Kacie’s winning t-shirt will end on February 14, 2018. WLRN is taking donations of $20 or more per shirt and will donate a portion of the proceeds to the We Want the Land Coalition. WWTLC strives to to secure and preserve women-only land in Michigan, USA. For more information about how to support WWTLC, please visit https://wwtlc.org/

WLRN is partnering with Threadbare Print House, a woman-owned print shop, to supply you with a one-of-a-kind eco-conscious product. Threadbare uses soft and breathable water based inks which are likely to outlast the life of your garment, because they literally soak into the fabric. For more information about Threadbare, please visit https://threadbare-print-house.myshopify.com/

If you would like to get a shirt and support female-only spaces, please visit our website and click on the “Donate” button. Be sure to “add special instructions to the seller” about the size of the shirt you would like (Unisex: XS – 3XL) and an address for where it should be sent.

Please check out all of the wonderful submissions below:

“WOMYN ARE WHY I GET OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING.” – Submitted by Ms. Kacie Mills
A steaming cup of coffee, in which bubbles form the female symbol, rests on the word “WOMYN” in the color of a mild french roast. The artist’s slogan continues below in a justified block of light gray text, comparing the stimulation of caffeine to the stimulating rush of female bonds.


“Once a woman always a woman” 1 – Submitted by Ms. Charlie Rae
The cursive slogan complements the profile of a woman on whose open palm is drawn the female symbol. She stands resolutely with her chin raised and arms extended outward. Her hair forms the roots of a tree in early blossom, and her abdomen and groin are wrapped in likewise blossoming vines. The upturned corner of her mouth and closed eye beget the confidence of truth.


“Once a woman always a woman” 2 – Submitted by Ms. Charlie Rae
Two women stand with the cursive slogan surrounded by ink dots of all colors. One woman stands in profile with her arms extended outward. Her eyes are closed, but she remains untroubled. A second woman faces the viewer with her open palm at her brow, revealing her third eye. The wild green hair of both women suggest the virility of female creation.


[DANCING CIRCLE] – Submitted by Ms. Charlie Rae
A group of figures dance around a bonfire casting shadows in a circle on the ground. Beyond the fire stands a great blossoming tree. The scene is reminiscent of a party among friends to celebrate shared life and happiness.


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T-shirt design contest PSA: https://soundcloud.com/wlrn-media/wlrns-t-shirt-design-contest-enter-by-december-5th-2017